Live for Speed


Live for Speed offers you the chance of dedicated online racing with real opponents and single player against AI which learn from you. You can host your own server or join one of the many out there. The physics engine simulates tyres, suspension, aerodynamics, the drive-train, several gearbox types, clutch overheating, body damage, and engine damage. The tyre model features dynamic wear, dirt affecting grip if you run off track), flat spots, hot spots and tyre wall deformation.

I have played it for many years and recommend it to anyone that like racing simulators.


LFS features input support for:

  • Steering wheels – recommended option
  • Mouse
  • Keyboards
  • Joysticks
  • Gamepads.


Races are for a set number of laps usually, less commonly they can be for a set length of time. Pit stops for refuelling and tire changes and LFS suports mid-race adjustment of pit strategy. Pit lane speed limits is 50 mph/80 kph and you will be penalised for breaking this limit by a drive-through, stop and go, or time penalties depending on how much you exceed this limit. Some cars have pit lane limiters which alleviate this, assuming you remember to use them!

Starting grids are determined by:

  • Qualifying
  • Finishing positions in the previous race
  • Fastest lap times from previous race
  • Random – not normally used

There is a training mode covering driving skills and the handling characteristics of each car. The lessons cover cornering, throttle and brake control, and negotiating opponents. These are not mandatory, but it will make life a lot easier for newer players to try them


The game has slowly introduced more vehicles over time and currently has 21 to choose from.

They range from very slow road cars for new drivers to learn on to cars requiring the experience of an F1 driver. Power ranges from < 100hp city vehicles to > 700hp in the F1 BMW Sauber.

While LFS’ cars are mainly fictional, although many bear a striking resemblance to some real ones, it also has five officially licensed ‘real’ cars with matching characteristics:

  • BMW Sauber F1.06
  • Formula BMW
  • McGill University MRT5 (in conjunction with McGill Racing Team)
  • Valmet RaceAbout ‘2003 designed by Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia
  • Volkswagen Scirocco (announced, not yet released)

All vehicles are skinable and there are thousands available for download. New skins can be uploaded to LFS World and they will automatically be pulled by other players on the server so they see your leopard spotted creation.

Current Release

The current release, S2 is a total re-write with upgraded physics, graphics, sounds, cars, tracks etc. Please note you need to pay for the full version (an S2 licence costs £12), but you can still try the demo – The S2 Alpha demo has one track and 3 cars for free. You unlock the demo to the full version i.e. only one download.

Useful Links

Date Posted: 17 Aug 2010 @ 3:45 PM
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