23 Dec 2009 @ 9:53 AM 

Took the family yesterday to see James Cameron’s long awaited Avatar.  The film is a tad lengthy but it packs in a lot and the story is as predicable as expected, clearly not helped by the amount of coverage already given it. Dances with Wolves in space sums it up in five words.  That said, I love DWW and Avatar is a visual feast, with the next generation CGI clearly breaking boundaries again.

The 3D specs they use in the cinema don’t appear to use the old red/green lenses, I’m not sure if they are polarised or what, there’s no information I can find on them at present, however, suffice to say the effect is impressive.  The 3D wasn’t overused in the film but does add to the whole depth of Pandora’s beautiful vistas. The trailers before the film clearly show that 2010 will be chock full of other 3D cinema releases ensuring that there will be content for the home as there are plenty of stories covering 3D TV at home:

Presumably they are keen to kick-start something as the after effects of the blue-ray HD-DVD war have not made blue ray the DVD killer the industry expected.  A shame really, given the massive difference in image and sound (with the right equipment) it offers.

The film is a roller coaster ride full of eye candy and nods to plenty of other films which would appear to be deliberate be that product placement check out the T-shirts, of the ships looking like those from Aliens.

Aliens Drop Ship

Big Mother

Ultimately, you simply have to ask yourself were you entertained, and for that I would give it 4/5 stars…:thumbsup:

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