06 Apr 2014 @ 5:24 AM 

I remotely upgraded the firmware on my Synology Diskstation DS214SE this week to version 5 which comes with an interface overhaul as well as updates to all the packages.  It all seems to be working well despite British Gas causing no less than 5 power outages whilst installing the new boiler/tank etc according to the log file.

Currently I only use a couple of packages:

All of which are now fully supported, video & Audi streaming to your phone for the latter two.  Obviously they use your DATA allowance up, so I would limit music & video when connected to Wifi only.  Essentially you now have mobile access to all files on the NAS regardless of where you are, so a personal dropbox with no nags to link friends for upgrades and so on.

I am testing DS Photo but it’s not very intelligent and wants me to drop batches of file in rather than folder trees.  Seeing as they are stored logically and I can access them using DS File, this one will wait for updates before I bother using it in anger.  Well, that and the fact I have 12 years of digital photos in 26,309 Files, 285 Folders weighing in at 93 Gig…

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