28 Mar 2010 @ 10:22 AM 

I had call to burn an DVD from an ISO file this morning in order to get a b0rked laptop running.  Windows 7 does not support this natively, and I burn so few CDs these days (the odd album for the car tbh) I saw no point installing a monster bloated package (Nero).  ImgBurn does exactly what its name suggests and is free…

Too many changes to list.

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 29 Dec 2009 @ 8:31 AM 

CloneDVD is a powerful piece of software that does what its name suggests…

CloneDVDis a DVD movie backup utility. You can copy all of your DVD movie collections even those CSS-encrypted and region-protected discs. Without special setting, just one click the mouse, CloneDVD will automatically remove CSS protection and region codes during copying.  Perfect 1:1 copy, without warning & watermark as original disc, the copied disc works well with most popular home DVD player.

    • New: Increased performance of the transcoder
    • New: Improved handling of layer break position
    • New: Creates .dvd files for correct layer break handling with Virtual CloneDrive and CloneCD
    • New: Parses .dvd files for correct layer break position when writing to dual layer media
    • New: Show warning, if a single layer image file is about to be written to dual layer media
    • New: Added support for writers with drive letters “A” or “B”
    • New: Added “loop titles” option
    • New: Added support for episodic DVDs, where episodes are only accessible as chapters
    • Fix: Error compressing some discs
    • Some minor changes and improvements

      Download 4.8MB

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       29 Aug 2009 @ 7:42 AM 

      Basic data burning and copying capabilities for your CDs and DVDs with Nero 9 – Free Version.  The download appears legit…


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